Of Carrying On

I’ve decided to post a video of myself sitting on my back step and ruminating about this and that. My computer has a camera and I can take pictures and videos and whatnot. It’s really something to see outside, with all the melting and huge snow banks ever so slowly shrinking and flooding out the joint. So I have a video, go ahead and watch it and enjoy. Or not, I don’t know. It’s easier than reading, right? This helps me, to do this sort of thing, as I’m battling a nasty bout of depression and find myself of a mind to scrunch up on the couch with the pets and eliminate any and all intercourse with the world.


About Darren W. Lyle

I'm certifiably insane (I have the paperwork), collect old typewriters (got one?) and am 45 years old. I've 3 pets, of course, and have thoughts. Some aren't good, some are. some are funny, some are just there, but I'll post them when I'm of a mind to.
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