Smog Monster: An Inconvenient Truth

If you’re one of the mooks who think global warming isn’t happening, I just don’t know what to do with you. But there is an environmental threat you can’t ignore: Hedorah, also known as, “The Smog Monster.” He’ll mess you up, people. This is a brief educational video of how a smog monster happens.

Not good, right? And we don’t even have Godzilla to fight him/her/it. Maybe we do, I don’t know. If we do have make a Godzilla, the fight would look like this…

Even though (spoiler alert) Godzilla does beat Hedorah with human assistance, do you really want to reap the environmental whirlwind in the form of, “Smoggie?” Again, global warming is bad enough, and there is no doubt that we are causing it. But if you don’t believe in global warming, Hedorah is definitely an inconvenient truth of epic proportions.

Here is an article about global warming for all you doubting rubes out there.

images (6)

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About Darren W. Lyle

I'm certifiably insane (I have the paperwork), collect old typewriters (got one?) and am 45 years old. I've 3 pets, of course, and have thoughts. Some aren't good, some are. some are funny, some are just there, but I'll post them when I'm of a mind to.
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