The Hub of Five Pets

The Hub of Five Pets is right here, in my flat in Boston. The hub of the hub is the bed my wife and I share with our four cats and one dog (Fluffy, Impy, Ghost, Panther, and Annie the Dog). It’s where I am right now, as I write this little missive.

Boston is often referred to as The Hub, which is short for, “The Hub of the Solar System.” Or, “Hub of the Universe.” Oliver Wendell Holmes coined the phrase in 1858, and it arrogantly implied that Boston was the center of everything commercial and intellectual at that time.

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The Hub of Five Pets is the center of virtually everything of consequence that happens to me. It’s their universe, I just live in it. I’ve seen the world beyond The Hub of Five Pets, even traveled into it. It’s not something I care to do very often, and when I do it’s usually not because I want to, but out of necessity.

Like if we need pet food for The Furry Five, for example.

The blog…

For reasons that aren’t clear, I like to blog, even though my life is exceedingly boring. That doesn’t stop other bloggers, though, so it won’t stop me. I started in 2004 with The House of Four Cats blog, then I had to add Annie, so it evolved into The House of Five Pets. But that didn’t quite say it, how my life is centered around The Furry Five, who are not good human owners. They can be mean. Trying to move Impy and Annie off of me in bed at 3am so I can pee is not easy. Impy peeps pathetically and Annie plays dead. One cat, Panther, hisses at, and even bites, any human upon whom he is lounging if he or she tries to move. Little fucker.

So now it’s the Hub of Five Pets. That’s it.

A bagel is looking good right now, and some coffee. But to get those things, I have to get these beasts off of me. Annie and Ghost, at present. Maybe later. Maybe. If they let me.


About Darren W. Lyle

I'm certifiably insane (I have the paperwork), collect old typewriters (got one?) and am 45 years old. I've 3 pets, of course, and have thoughts. Some aren't good, some are. some are funny, some are just there, but I'll post them when I'm of a mind to.
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