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Of Sleepy Cats and Co-Eds

Awoke this morning to find a movie on Cinemax entitled, “Barely Legal.” It was just there, and I didn’t put it there, on the boob tube. We left the bedroom tube on last night. This movie was grunting and sweating … Continue reading

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The Hub of Five Pets

The Hub of Five Pets is right here, in my flat in Boston. The hub of the hub is the bed my wife and I share with our four cats and one dog (Fluffy, Impy, Ghost, Panther, and Annie the Dog). It’s … Continue reading

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A Pill

It’s me versus the glorious morning to come. The complexion of the firmament beyond my storm window, inside window, screen and drawn blind is clearly changing, I can see a faint, blue glow around the edges and against the wall. … Continue reading

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